My Latest Work

Listen to my binaural recordings of a thunderstorm!

🎧 Binaural - 50 min. Thunderstorm

This is binaural audio, so listen with headphones for the immersive, 3D audio experience! Read more about Binaural Audio. Recorded June 5, 2020. It includes heavy rain, dripping and splashing around the porch, close thunder, distant rumbles, and storm subsiding with lighter rain and distant frogs. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on the porch enjoying this peaceful thunderstorm. 50 minutes total (no looping). Listen to more of my binaural audio recordings here.

🎧 Binaural - Loud Thunderclap

A binaural recording of a very close and very loud clap of thunder. A few seconds of heavy rain leading into it. Recorded on June 5, 2020. Listen with headphones!