Binaural / 3D Audio

3D Audio - Heavy Thunderstorm

This was recorded with in-ear binaural mics, so listen with headphones for the immersive, 3D audio experience! Read more about Binaural Audio. Recorded on July 21, 2020. Heavy and frequent close thunder. Enjoy this preview and listen to more on the Ammersive app!

🎧 Please note that Binaural recordings are intended for headphone listening for a 3D audio experience.

3D Audio - 50 min. Thunderstorm

Recorded June 5, 2020. It includes heavy rain, dripping and splashing around the porch, close thunder, distant rumbles, and storm subsiding with lighter rain and distant frogs. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on the porch enjoying this peaceful thunderstorm. 50 minutes total (no looping).

Various 3D Audio Examples

The House on the Corner: A true ghost story

An immersive podcast based on a true story.

Co-produced by Joey Luck and Scott Wichmann.
Story and narration by Scott Wichmann.
Sound Design and Music by Joey Luck.

Other Sound Design Examples

Please view the track descriptions on SoundCloud for listing of credits.