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Hi! My name is Joey and I am super passionate about all things auditory! Music and sound can evoke emotion, transport us to different places, tell a story, and make for a very immersive experience.

I have many years of professional experience mixing and recording audio, designing sound, and composing music. My work has been featured in theatrical productions, films, concerts, dance shows, and escape room games.

I began writing music and creating sound at a young age and have remained curious and fascinated by sound and the many ways in which it can be created, captured, and sculpted. I'm always exploring and experimenting with unique techniques and technologies to record and design sound.

I am very enthusiastic about producing original work and collaborating with others to bring imagination and artistic vision to fruition. I would love the opportunity to work with you on your next project! 

Please send me a message if you are interested in working with me or have any questions.

My Services

Sound Design

Music Composition

Audio Engineering and Live Sound Mixing/Recording

Field Recording and Location Sound Recording

3D / Binaural Audio Recording

Voiceover Recording and Performance

Audio Mixing, Mastering, Editing and Repair

Sound Consulting and Training

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2013 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

A Bright New Boise, Firehouse Theatre

2014 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

Cabaret, Richmond Triangle Players

2015 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design

Psycho Beach Party, Richmond Triangle Players

2017 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design - Musical

The Toxic Avenger, 5th Wall Theatre

2019 Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Award

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design - Musical

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, TheatreLAB

2022 Richmond Theatre Community Circle Award

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design - Play

Small Mouth Sounds, Cadence Theatre/Virginia Rep

Photo by Capture Photography


“The collaborative nature of Luck and Foster’s creative relationship is unmistakable as each moment, both musically and physically, is brilliantly accentuated.” [LEVITATE, Starr Foster Dance Project]

— Lindsay Hawk, RVA Magazine

"Joey Luck's sound design is also a marvel; through micing his actors, balancing the vocals and adding an occasional dash of reverb, we get an astonishingly clear mix even in the echo-prone brick walls of a basement theater." [Sweeney Todd, TheatreLAB]

— Rich Griset, Style Weekly

“Joey Luck is a sound wizard who can apparently cause magic to appear wherever he goes.” [The Boy from Oz, Richmond Triangle Players]

— John Porter, WCVE

“The real stars of CHAD DEITY, though, are the audio and visual effects by Joey Luck and Ben Burke. Luck's sound design infuses great sound effects and original music, and Burke's videos highlight the farcical nature of wrestling.” [The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Firehouse Theatre] 

— Jeremy Bustin, Broadway World

“Through echoes, smoke and other effects, sound designer Joey Luck, lighting designer Michael Jarett and set designer Joshua Bennett have colluded to create an otherworldly atmosphere. They remind us that, although Dickens’ tale leads to joy and redemption, it first portrays death and despair.” [Mister Dickens' Carol, Henley Street Theatre]

— Rich Griset, Style Weekly

“Michael Jarrett’s lighting design provides an added punch to silly moments, and, along with Joey Luck’s sound design, sets the tone for dreamy scenes and dark moments of despair... Each theatrical element complements the others, and all work in tandem to create an experience that is not to be missed..." [Urinetown the Musical, TheatreLAB]

— Claire Boswell, Style Weekly

"Sound and lights by Joey Luck and Michael Jarett respectively lived up to the level of excellence expected of these two - helping bring Polson's vision to life while remaining unobtrusively in the background." [Urinetown the Music, TheatreLAB]

— Julinda Lewis, RVArt Review

“Joey Luck’s terrific sound effects and original music and Benjamin Burke’s standout video—keep “Chad Deity” crackling” [The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, Firehouse Theatre]

 — Tony Farrell, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Joey Luck’s sound design and original music are a definite highlight." [A Bright New Boise, Firehouse Theatre]

— John Porter, WCVE

"Joey Luck's bold sound design and Michael Jarett's vibrant lighting are critical aspects of creating an intensifying mood as the action plays out on Adam Dorland's set, a simple but nicely detailed evocation of a low-rent New York rehearsal space." [Venus in Fur, Yes And Theatre Co! TheatreLAB]

— David Timberline, Style Weekly

"The lighting, by Michael Jarett, the sound effects, by Joey Luck, the staging, and timing are positively on point." [Psycho Beach Party, Richmond Triangle Players]

— Jen Maciulewicz, gayrva.com

“Coupled with Michael Jarett’s moody lighting and Joey Luck’s sound design of a storm over the city and your body starts to ache with the atmosphere.” [Venus in Fur, Yes And Theatre Co. and TheatreLAB]

— John Porter, WCVE 

“The actors' efforts are enhanced by Michael Jarett's lighting, Joey Luck's sound, and Kylie Clark's special effects. At the show's conclusion, the contributions of all three come together in an orgy of spectacle.” [Angels in America, Richmond Triangle Players] 

— Rich Griset, Style Weekly

"Lighting by MIchael Jarett included strobe effects and strands of LED lights, familiar Mario Brothers/Nintendo 64-era tunes infused the sound design by Joey Luck, and elaborate fight choreography by Emily Turner all enhanced the audience's overall immersive experience." [Level 4, TheatreLAB]

— Julinda Lewis, RVArt Review

"Joey Luck's sound design, Michael Jarett's angry, piercing lighting and Ruth Hedberg's appropriately gloomy costumes all help TheatreLAB give 'Todd' the big-league treatment even in The Basement's intimate space." [Sweeney Todd, TheatreLAB]

— Tony Farrell, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"It’s to the credit of the Firehouse and director Gary C. Hopper that the production has a superbly appointed set designed by Phil Hayes, lovely lighting effects by Andrew Bonniwell, and a particularly adroit sound design by Joey Luck." [The Aliens, Firehouse Theatre]

— David Timberline, Style Weekly

"Joey Luck’s sound design is very good – not only giving us the sounds of the season, but some of the nicest sound effects around." [Psycho Beach Party, Richmond Triangle Players]

— John Porter, WCVE

"Joey Luck created the sound design with his usual impeccable touch" [Hand to God, 5th Wall Theatre/TheatreLAB]

 — Julinda Lewis, RVArt Review

"Technically, the show's elements conspire to give the feel of an old console game, including Dasia Gregg's teal circuit-board-themed set design, Michael Jarrett's pulsing lights and Joey Luck's superb sound design, which includes original mock-video game music." [Level 4, TheatreLAB]

 — Rich Griset, Style Weekly

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